Painting by Ahn Gyeon (안견/安堅), Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land (몽유도원도/夢遊桃源圖), 1447.


Mos Minorum?

The Romans erected their traditional code of conduct to the forefront of what constituted romanitas, or 'Romanness'.
The Republic, until its decline, expected compliance with core values such as dignity, authority, self-control, self-sacrifice, virtue, prestige, respect.
From such values derived a whole range of norms and guidelines on how one should behave socially. These made up the mos maiorum; literally, the 'customs of the ancestors', a kind of unwritten Confucian ritualistic handbook for the civilized West of Middle to Late Antiquity, during  the epoch stretching from the Zhou to the Han Dynasties.
Of course, during Imperial times Roman values were gradually eroded until the arrival of Christianity accelerated the fall into barbarism. But that is a story for another day.
I have named this blog Mos Minorum, in a word play on the Latin expression above, to reflect my interest in discussing the mores of the descendants of the West, as they interact with the East. What metapersonal goals do freethinking people in today's globalized -- i.e. Westernized -- Asia, especially in Macau, aspire to? What values do they believe in or fight for?


  1. I shall then be the one who will write the first comment on this newborn blog, reciprocating your kind comment on mine, and using the 'official language' of Mos Minorum. But it shall be a very short comment indeed; basically one line to state the obvious: in Macau we desperately need critical thinking about the range of topics that you broadly propose. What are or should be the main worries and concerns of the Macanese? What perceptions and fields of action are already present and on the agenda? What is not being done and why? What is our political discourse? The evolving mores and priorities, individually and as a group, of those who left the West years or decades ago and have settled and made their home in the East, and of their descendants, is surely a fascinating area of discussion and, may I add, of serious academic research. Especially in a fast moving society such as Macau, where all kinds of political, social and economic transformations are taking place. Yours is surely a timely and very valuable initiative.
    Jorge Godinho

  2. Thank you. I hope that we can collaborate in a joint effort to raise awareness about the issues that both our blogs will address.
    I shall most assuredly participate in Oriental Praia (see link in side bar), which augurs very good things indeed.