Painting by Ahn Gyeon (안견/安堅), Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land (몽유도원도/夢遊桃源圖), 1447.



It is high time for cynics like myself to eschew any misgivings about joining the free-for-all of cyberspace.
Arguments and values dear to me such as circumspection, low profile, avoidance of anonymous arenas, show-offs, pseudo-opinion-makers and other wanna-be personae, rejection of delusions of grandeur and attitudes of self-importance, and contempt for the futile, shallow, ridiculous or frivolous, are not being abandoned.
Rather, the point seems to be: if anyone can utter crap in public nowadays, why shouldn't I contribute with my own brand of bulls..t?
Jesting aside,  I have been made aware that blogging can be, if taken intelligently, an interesting  endeavour in communicative action in the public sphere, a way to establish a worthwhile exchange of ideas.
With your help, I hope to achieve a measure of 'elevated' discourse. 
I will, from time to time, post a few notes on subjects which I deem to be mentionable, while striving to privilege topics of relevance to my hometown Macau. 
In lieu of Portuguese, my mother tongue, I have decided to write in English as a means to reach out to a wider audience.
Please feel free to criticize anything that I post on my blog. 

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